That tube needs to be able to handle some current and the 12at7 is the one to use. That circuit runs Pv with a ohm cathode resistor bringing 8. One can use K or even lower, K. Looking at the schematic I see V on the reverb transformer, V on the plates of the 12AX7, and 3. I suppose one could crank the reverb level to full and hear more relative differences, but that’s pretty specialized. If your power transformer doesn’t have a 40v bias tap you can use this Hammond D36 36 volt transformer instead and connect its second power lead to the Power Supply Board’s ground bus shown at bottom left “40V AC transformer lead. It’s because it takes about one watt to drive a reverb tank.

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These mods should be considered together with the particular speaker and effect pedals you are using to suit your music style. Originally Posted by mac1amps.

Use the ground switch or foot pedal to make the NBF switchable. They seemed to go microphonic in that position pretty quickly and made the reverb squealy and useless.

Horizontal Open Side Down, Connectors: This can sometimes be solved by changing the vibrato tube V4 12AX7 or even the 12wx7 tubes. See figures below which resistor this is.


BF/SF Princeton Reverb

I had one briefly. Looking at the schematic I see V on the reverb transformer, V on the plates of the 12AX7, and 3. If you use a separate 36v transformer you should attach its second power lead to the Power Supply Board’s ground bus–shown revedb ghosted blue above at bottom left. I believe everything I did is there, and this circuit gives the benefit of leaving one free triode for other purposes.

Aug 22, 5. I’ve also done it to a few Dr.

Add Reverb & Tremolo

The circuit operates by wavering the power tube bias voltage which alters the volume of their output. The 12AT7 has lower amplification factor than the 12AX7, so if the 12AX7 has enough balls to drive a reverb pan in some circuit, then the 12AT7 will also work at lower volume.

The resistor values and cap values warrant experimentation!

I didn’t want to start a new similar topic that’s why I got this one up. It’s a classic design and works well. For Rock and Blues I settled on the 6 spring, long delay Accutronics. Never touch the amplifier chassis with one hand while probing with the other hand because a lethal shock can run between your arms through your heart.

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You sacrifice the things you love. Reverb and Driver tube: Many players are happy with the default 6. It’s a Fender type of reverb OT.

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What’s a good 12AX7 reverb driver tube?

The 1 meg grid leak may be high. The tremolo circuit bleeds the guitar audio signal to ground by a light dependant resistor LDR in the opto-isolator or opto-coupler, often called the ‘roach’ because it looks like a bug. No, create an account now. Therefore, you don’t as much “gain” to drive the tank, but you need to source more current than what you can get from a 12ax7 to do it.

Jul 21, 8. The “To Pan -” connection is not a ground so the pan’s input connector must be insulated from the pan. Switches are set for ’63 tube tremolo and ’60’s reverb. So, I think that the best course of action would be to do a little comparision of a few different amps.

BF/SF Princeton Reverb |

The oscillating current from the driver tube plate runs through the neon light bulb causing it to oscillate in brightness from bright to dim. Do you already have an account? I’ll be unwinding the cheap New Sensor Taiwanese version and will let you know the winding data if you’re interested.