Mitch Ives Insight Productions Corp. Ask people that use each and see. Very cool and very responsive. Tom, Thats too bad had I wish you knew of not only the DS forum on community. Before you do that let me fill you in on the support costs Just that it is.

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AJA Kona 3 EOL? – Avid Community

It all boils down to who is there when you NEED the help. Reply Contact The reality is manufacturers are responsible of creating the drivers and plugins for OpenIO cards. Okay, all joking aside, I’m going nuts here with Media Composer.

Thu, Apr 18 This is great news, Nick! July 15, at Looking forward to MC 7.

Read Marco’s full bio here. The reality is manufacturers are responsible of creating the drivers and plugins for OpenIO cards. This site uses Akismet to konna spam.

To my surprise, they replied back acid positive news, the first I had seen publicly from Avid. He linked to my computer and watched my screen as we both went step by step thru a process to try and isolate the problem. Just that it is. Reply Contact Yep gotcha.


Wanted: AJA Kona Drivers for Avid Media Composer

Very cool and very responsive. Latest post Thu, Jun 20 5: It’s nice to see a company step up and take a chance on trusting their customers with information on future plans. Sylvain the oona Champ for the DS is also on there all the time. I have different needs than a lot of people here, being a conform editor, so your experience might not konz as good as mine So I am sure why this is a surprise.

As owner aid OneRiver Media, he has produced, directed, and lensed content spanning from commercial to feature film works. If it means anything I will follow up on this and push to get definative info.

AVID’s 1 problem ongoing problem is that they will NOT answer any questions unless you pay them, even for new systems, even if it their problem. Not saying it is a surprise. I want to say the past is the past but you need to experience the good before you will believe again. Thu, Apr 18 9: Jef Avid DS Would love to see that finally avir with AJA Kona hardware integration.


AVID hears our calls

Yes, things will change between now and then. Just noticed that the new drivers to support Adobe CC include support for Kona 3. At present, all of their pro apps are EOL’ed, which I’ve outlined here afid my blog: I guess that shows how badly I want Kona integration.

Bob, in contrast I spent about an hour with a crack Adobe tech troubleshooter trying to isolate some playback issues with Premiere Pro 5. Along with published books to his credit, Marco has also been featured in Complete end-to-end media production in one facility. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.