The positioning operator is essential in this example. You can use DevCon to enable, disable, install, configure, and remove devices. The first six are standard miniport driver devices. These commands both work for a remote machine. Enabled on reboot Not all of 1 device s enabled, at least one requires reboot to complete the operation.

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As a result, DevCon cannot update the drivers and displays a failure message. Add a filter driver to a setup class Example As a result of the operation, it creates a new device named Unknown device without children. The command specifies the Net class and then refines the search by specifying devices in the class whose hardware ID or compatible ID include “ndiswan.

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The DriverFiles command allows the user to list the driver files installed for devices that match the specified hardware or instance Id.

Update the driver for communication ports Example Scanning for new hardware.

List the devices in a device setup class The following command uses the DevCon ListClass operation to list the devices in Net, the device setup class for network adapters. The following commands find the setup class of the printer port interface by finding its device instance ID and then using the device instance ID to find its setup class.

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The following command enables all printer devices on the computer by specifying the Printer setup class in a DevCon Enable command. This includes all the support for a device such as any services, device-specific co-installers, registry entries and so forth. The following command uses the DevCon Classes operation to list the device setup classes on a remote computer, Server Warning Before removing any devices by using a pattern, determine which devices are affected.

The display reveals that the printer port is in the System class. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Display the stack for related devices on a remote computer. DevCon runs on Microsoft Windows and later versions of Windows.

Windows Device Console () – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. If you omit the path, DevCon assumes that the file is in the current directory.

Restarted 1 device s restarted. List the devices in multiple classes on a remote computer. The success message indicates that DevCon modified the hardware ID of one device.

There are no open issues. Display the status of all devices on the local computer.

Devcon – Windows CMD – SScom

Instead, it assumes the default response, Stop Installation. The following command uses the DevCon Enable operation to enable a programmable interrupt controller that had been disabled to correct a system problem. Remove devices by device instance ID pattern Example By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Enable devices by class DevCon Disable Example The Enable Feature allows the user to enable devices that match the specified hardware or instance ID. You can use these IDs in subsequent DevCon commands.

Ibstall the setup class of a device The DevCon Stack operation returns the setup class of a device in addition to the upper and lower filter drivers.

Using the DevCon Tool to Install a Driver Package

The next command uses the DevCon Stack operation to find the device setup class of the device represented by the device instance ID. Lists all devices for the input setup class or classes. Restart a device The following command uses the DevCon Restart operation to restart the loopback adapter on the local computer.