Or do we need an update had a quick look at your srcipt. I wonder if there is any way to get the wifi enabled on this operating system. I don’t see anything that looks like a wireless card in your “lspci” output there is a wireless card mentioned by “lsusb” but I presume that’s the one you’re only using temporarily. If you choose this option, the provided USB ethernet will work, however you will not be able to use 3G connectivity or to transfer files from WinCE using synce. Also hassome one got success in WIFI working after installing the package. It get stuck at the blue squares of line on the top left corner…the system just hang…. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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Apparently the libertas driver is an open source version of the Marvell driver, but I haven’t been able to get the libertas module libertas-sdio to load and subsequently use the sd If your shift is already liberated:. Terms Of Use Privacy Cookies.

How To: Install Windows 7 on HTC Shift [UMPC]

There is no official support for Windows XP. Everything else not mentioned here like the fingerprint scanner marveell webcam sees to work well out of the box once you get online and it grabs drivers from Windows Update.

Permesso negato Have you got any suggestions? Hi, Has anyone tried to use the tutorial of pof with ubuntu Contact our Support Team. Utils Installer Bluetooth Stack for Windows.


How To: Install Windows 7 on HTC Shift [UMPC] –

Hi, The reason you get the green SmartScreen error messages is the lack of an Internet connection. I am assuming people have access to another Windows PC to setup the install, if your using a Linux distro or something cool and exotic I am sure you can adapt the guide. Nothing seem to work… Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. If there is a margell way of activating it that you rather keep it to your self, but wont hesitate to share it wioth your loyal customer as well, please do I have the same problem as Phoenix.

Please select from the list below.

Linux on HTC Shift

It almost has zero options at all! This link isnt available…any idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us back for any inquires.

I have problems with wifi module. FIrst, thanks for the super work, the shift is so much quicker with Ubuntu. October 24, at Ethernet interface physical id: My guess would be that you have an incomplete USB stick missing some of the data.

Has anyone tried to use the amrvell of pof with ubuntu This guide shows you how to install Windows 8 on the device and take advantage of the touch friendly UI and the improvements in power management that comes in the latest version of Windows.

Hi Peter, If your not actually httc into the Windows 8 setup it comes up a few minutes after the blue squares and you have already rebuilt the USB stick the chances are you just have a USB stick that the Shift does not like.


The phone is unlocked and unbranded and will work on any GSM provider worldwide!

This will not affect the recovery partition. I found no update regarding this bug, but the script is really great!!!

Drivers For Free – Htc Shift Htc Marvell Wifi Driver Versions

Amazing post thanks so so much i spent now 2 days trying to do this but it seem i have problem in maarvell 8 copy i re download it again i will keep in touch while i am doing that and if any problem i will contact you thanks again man.

Now you have the device rebooted and the Shift Control Center installed but not fully working due to the lack of. I googled for days but can’t find any solution, all info I can get is sihft doesn’t work with After it starts for the 1st time you will be presented with the setup wizard highly reminiscent of Windows Phone 7.

AES Bus Device Have you tried another tool to create the USB stick?