The available languages can be requested with: You need SQL Server 7. This subprotocol implements the communication protocol for the SQL Server 6. The option is case sensitive. This can be used if you cannot see the default PrintStreams e. You can request the active sockets with the command netstat.

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Java components slow down much more as native components with a disable JIT. How to use international language characters?

Check the class path for old versions. You tried to execute one of the following SQL statements: With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data: On creating the JDBC connection there is a handshake for the codepage.

The JVM that you use does not have not this interface.

With the SQL Server 7. Idbc downloaded a test-version from our site. If you use a query timeout then the driver will not hang rather it will throw a timeout exception in such cases; with a rollback you can solve the deadlock. You have called a Connection.

You should montior the running time with System. These ports are public ports. If you have purchased the driver then you have not replaced the driver correctly. You can check the version of your JVM with:. You can also use any other PrintStream e.


That means that a temporary table that was created with a PreparedStatement is only valid within the PreparedStatement with that it was created. This exception occurs if you use a forward only or read only cursor.

i-net JDBC Drivers for Oracle Server

You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. This means jdvc can use bit systems on the Oracle Server side or also on the client side. A bug in some JDK 1. In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it.

General FAQ for all i-net JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server

You can check the text there to make sure you employ the correct driver version. In contrast to older versions of the driver the version 4. Timestamp from a timestamp column?

If the data types are different then the data type inst is used. The SQL Server 6. Performance improvement with i-net SQL Server driver. If the index data type is lower then the SQL Server will convert the data from the table and not the parameter data. This happens if parameter definition send by Driver don’t exactly match the column type.


It needs to be an existing character converter of your JVM. If there are already connections established to the SQL Server then the problem iet occur, that too many threads request a connection at the same time; the socket connection request queue of the SQL Server is full.

When you have found the critical transaction you need to verify the order of your SQL expression whether it can produce a deadlock. It is a limitation or a feature of the MS SQL Iner that temporary tables that are created in a stored procedure prepared statement are only valid in this stored procedure prepared statement. Currently you are try to open a jdhc connection. The data type text is not supported in this mode because the SQL Server can’t convert ntext to text.