Given that there was no Undo button then, this was enough to stay away from sequences as much as possible. Message 1 of Its been a while. Can anyone point me to an example of an xxx-errors. Most Active Software Boards:

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This was fixed in Labview 6. Hi, Have you checked the driver network on National Instrument’s website?

Thanks a lot to you all! The VI uses points as a decimal delimiter. Error comes from AQ I know that I can use the Invoke Node function, but is there a better way?

I’ve downloaded the GetHistory. If you have any questions, please contact me at General Considerations I use in writing Labview Programs: Message 8 of Alternatively, same function can be performed using Matlab graphic libraries.

If you plug in the connection to the computer while the instrument is running, it does not seem to work. Message 3 of Thank you very much! The application programs user. You need to look inside the code and debug as it runs, I seem to remember rewiring something on the block diagram to get it working. I haven’t tried them withbut I did with so I think your fine.


The library with all required sub’VI’s is rather large – 3Mb, so Labviw did not place it here, but can e-mail to you on request. Message 9 of I am in a hurry to fix this problem. Some of the instrument drivers are modified by me from the initial programs offered by instrument manufacturers or National Instruments, some are written by me.

This program was first written when Labview did not have its own Smith Chart functions. Some of the VI’s in it, again, are my own, some are modified form sources available on National Instrument site.

Can anyone point me to an example of an oabview.

labview • View topic • looking for a driver for the ANDO AQ OSA

The question does not concern visual matters, only functional. The Poincare Sphere is generated from the lbview array saved internally. I’m developing an instrument driver for an instrument with a long list of custom error codes. Can anyone give me any suggestion. Hi, Leif I have the same problem you have met, could you please tell me how to solve this problem? When regular VISA appeared in releases 4.


I avoid using VISA library functions.

Agilent RF Spectrum Analyzer. These problems can be avoided by putting ALL code in the main VI, but this destroys the modularity of the code.

Yokogawa AQ6317 Analyzer

If you are in europe and your pc uses kommas, nothing will work! Most Active Software Boards: You can change this in your Labview in “Options”.

Click on the drop down of the control and pick your instrument.