Makes no sense Submitted by dcolak on September 30, – 8: The upper registers of Ms. This can tame excessive room bloat and has the added benefit of raising the impedance of the speaker so that it will sound better with low-quality amplification i. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on September 29, – 6: It instead balances a compromise between these interrelated parameters.

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The entire cabinet is coated in your choice of veneers. Create new account Request new password. The green trace represents the response with the bass trim switch down -2dB and the treble switch in the up position. Many SPCR enthusiasts hoped for a worthy successor but feared the Solo would atnec abandoned altogether.

They proved to anted very accommodating of different placement options, with very little change in overall balance as I moved them around the room.

Antec’s own P case, which preceded the Solo by several months, was one of the early leaders of the PSU-at-the bottom configuration. Aurio was excellent, with the vocal taking a definite set between the two speakers and the instruments clearly defined in space off to the sides. Everything Old is New Again. The front baffles are elegantly beveled along the vertical side and top edges, audii adds a very cool modern vibe to their aesthetic.


The Signature SE Towers have some of the best overall bass response and accuracy of any speaker I have ever heard. They impressed me immensely; so much so that I seriously considered their replacement, the Focus SE, when upgrading my entire media room sound system a few years ago.

Legacy Audio Studio HD loudspeaker |

Makes no sense Submitted by dcolak on September 30, – 8: Submitted by bsher on September 28, – 6: Dimensions H x W x D: Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence?

Their very neutral overall character was incredibly flattering to good recordings while still remaining tolerant of poor sources. I wound up playing most of this disc before moving on as I simply enjoyed it so much.

They are manufactured entirely in the US which is commendable given the price point.

Legacy Audio Signature SE Tower Speakers Review

I’ve heard a good number of speakers in this price range. This shuts down all DSP, Audyssey processing, and subwoofer output.

We’ll see what impact this has on cooling or noise performance compared to other recent quiet-oriented case designs. Is There A Difference? If you look at my in-room measurements above, you will see that this provided a flatter response in legwcy room, so I was not at all surprised that I preferred the sound this way and left the treble trim toggle in the down -2dB position for the remainder of my listening.


The blue line is with the bass switch in the up position and the treble trim down -2dB. I would pay extra for that! Recording of December I would love it if Herb reviewed the R Why in auduo world would he spend time to design so badly performing speaker?

Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Overall, this was a remarkable presentation of a great piece of recorded music.

Antec Solo II: The Legacy Lives On

The finale of the Firebird suite track 5 as conducted by Eiji Oue with the Minnesota Orchestra was a pure blast. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on September 30, – 5: It’s a stand-mounted minimonitor 13″ high by The day I installed the review samples of Legacy Audio’s Studio HD loudspeakers, my audi Jay-Jay, a speaker manufacturer, dropped by to hang out and eat Mexican audik.

I probably would’ve carried the entire Legacy Line if they existed in in addition to Thiel Loudspeakers.