Props to Infantile Paralysiser for creating this excellent program. We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal. Look in the FAQ for more info. There was a thread about this very issue a while ago – read it here but we didn’t come to any conclusions. So you what you see?

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You can format your card by holding START while booting and although you will lose all your data it will return your card as good as new. The mini CD contains the latest firmware and instructions. In other words only the first time you save your game you must wait longer so the G6DS Real can write the save from the capacitor to the card. It can hold 2 cards and it is the same as the one that goes with R4DS card. However if you want the most recent firmware it is advisable to go to the official G6 Team site and download info from there http: If the G6 team can improve on the compatibility of some games and get the DLDI driver for homebrew games and applications, this would definitely be at the top of the list as a MUST get product.

You can also press the icon in the left bottom rezl of the touchpod menu. No need to update the save type database file frequently. It is user friendly, good quality and good for anything you desire — play ROMs, run homebrew, read e-books or listen to music. Cheats in general can have some crazy negative effects some times regardless the console or the cheat device, especially the advanced ones.

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How good is the download play g6xs of G6DS Real? And even if a game doesn’t work right now probably the G6 Team will fix it in next loader updates. Is it compatible with Sleep Mode?

The G6 DS Real Review

So while the G6DS claims to have perfect download play compatibility, in reality, it isn’t much better than the competition. G6DS Real has also a safe fail option. Like all other Slot-1 flash carts, it is exactly the same size of that of the Nintendo Sub cartridges. Can you make seperate folders for them, or must they also be placed in the root? Yes indeed that is correct. The save files will automatically created from G6DS Real, you don’t need to worry about that either.

That seems kind of annoying as well, especially if you just happen to forget about it and lose over an hour or so of playing. Browse through your card and find the homebrew you want e. I found that a lot of games have problems with this one and even the ksb that don’t e.

Also the G6 Team can always fix these things in next loader updates.

Can be used to boot older slot 2 flashcarts or play GBA games. There was a thread about this very issue a while ago – read it here but we didn’t come to any conclusions.


G6DS Real Guide & FAQ

You can download the latest files from G6 Flash or from linfox. Compatibile with Wi-Fi Connection. Man is this OLD nes,i remember seeing this on a site that offered paypal a couple of weeks ago, i thought deal must have already been posted” Oh wait, your just pposting cos you reviewed it, np then rofl.

Probably the G6 Team will improve this part on next loader updates. I don’t know what went g6cs but here are the latest.

Credits to Drackel for this tip The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up. Supports DS sleep mode. Does not need separate to select and purchase dodges saves the product, the user simply does not need to worry dodges saves the card the speed question and the compatible question, thus exempted very many troublesome – uses to be free from worry.

M3 Perfect Lite microSD. Its OK though because you dont really need it as you can download it from their rexl link further down in review.